Dr. Mabuse – The criminal mastermind and his creator Norbert Jacques
theatre performance by Yutah Lorenz
musical accompaniment on the piano by Tal Balshai
„Who was Norbert Jacques?“ Actress Yutah Lorenz follows the traces of an author whose „Dr. Mabuse“ – filmed in 1922 by the legendary Fritz Lang – is unforgettable to this day. With pictures, film excerpts and texts, Yutah Lorenz presents the heights and depths of the dazzling life of a world-famous artist, man of pleasure and best-selling author. A life which led Hacques not only into the vital pulsating Berlin of the 1920s, but literally to the far corners of the five continents. Adapting to the venue location, Yutah Lorenz integrates and performs texts from the writer’s memories.
„In her performance, Yutah Lorenz not only illuminates the colourful, but also the problematic aspects of a life that did not always keep the distance to national socialists‘ aberrations, which we would consider to be the correct ones today.“
Michael Eberth (dramaturge)
„The truly adventurous life of Norbert Jacques is presented excitingly. His tremendous linguistic powers unfolds to its full advantage. His examination of evil and good fascinate and the staging gives oppressive insight into the creeping extortion of the collaborators and hypocrites and their adaption to the Nazi regime.“
Moritz Leuenberger (Swiss Federal President aD) about Yutah Lorenz’s performance on Dr. Mabuse
Serafina & Josè set sail!
„Three lives – three worlds“
 Chanson / music cabaret
 Crazy and sensual or romantic and with humour.
At sea, in the flashlight and under the stars.
i.a. „The love of every sailor“, „Just a gigolo“, Marlene Dietrich’s „Falling in love again“, „Bèsame mucho“, „Baby it’s cold outside“, „Caresse sur lòcean“
Vocal: Yutah Lorenz
Piano & Vocals: Manuel Bethe
I traveled through many a country.
Jazz meets German Songs – World Music meets 20s!
Singing and Cajon: Martina Gebhardt
Poetry and Singing: Yutah Lorenz
Bass, Gitarre and Vocals: Martin Lillich
Bass, Gitarre und Vocals: Gerhard Kaulard

Berlin – Paris – Retour
French and german Chansons, from Marlene Dietrich to Edith Piaf, from Bertolt Brecht/Weill to Cole Porter; Poems from Homero Manzi, Papusza, Mascha Kaleko – performed, sung and spoken by Yutah Lorenz and Maria Mané. 
On the piano, with argentinean temperament and needed humour: Carly Quiroz and Manuel Bethe.

press photos

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C'est magnifique (Snippet)

von Maria Mané, Yutah Lorenz and Carly Quiroz

Seeräuber Jenny (Snippet)

von Yutah Lorenz, Yorck Kronenberg

Sous le ciel de Paris (Snippet)

von Carly Quiroz and Manuel Bethe

Blond Sailor

von Yutah Lorenz, Manuel Bethe and Carly Quiroz

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At Hans Rosenthal Gala 2016
„Angel in Berlin“
book project with Andreas Greiner-Napp
Yutah Lorenz is appearing as Serafina, the black and white angel at different locations all over Berlin,
portrayed by photographer Andreas Greiner-Napp
1. Station: Circus Busch